Which of the following sentences most clearly uses allusion?

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Which of the following sentences most clearly uses allusion?A.When he stepped into a spiderweb, he stopped and flailed. 
B.The sun cast its angry rays down on us as we crossed the asphalt. 
C.The violin sang a song of lost loves and old, faded memories. 
D.When it comes to giving people good advice, Jon is a regular Yoda.


The answer is D. When it comes to giving people good advice, Jon is a regular Yoda. Allusion is when you say something in a passing fashion without actually making direct reference to it (a person, place, or thing.) Since you are calling Jon a ‘regular Yoda’ you are comparing him and making a sort of passing reference, but are not speaking directly about Yoda himself. So this is Allusion. Another example of an allusive sentence would be: When my uncle won the lottery he acted like a total Scrooge.

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