“1. Name the line and plane shown in the diagram.

Some later schools question and answer asked over students to mention what they believe is the main important challenge for a student to do in order for you to achieve success. Out of the many comments, the one that that stood out was practice. People who surely are successful do not become successful by being born. They work hard and persistence their lives to succeeding. If you wish to reach your goals, keep this in mind! following some question and answer examples that you possibly will benefit from to expand your knowledge and gain insight that will help you to sustain your school studies.


“1. Name the line and plane shown in the diagram.QP and plane SR
line P and plane PQS
PQ and plane SP
PQ and plane PQS
2. What is the name of the ray that is opposite BA?


1.  A line is defined with 2 points and the plane is defined with 3 non-colinear points.
Answer: D ) PQ and plane PQS.
2. Opposite rays have the common endpoint ( here: B ) and extend in different directions ( BA and BD ).
Answer: A ) BD.

From the answer and question examples above, hopefully, they can potentially help the student take care of the question they had been looking for and take notice of most things declared in the answer above. Then can easily carry out some sharing in a group discussion and also learning with the classmate regarding the topic, so another student also obtain some enlightenment and still keeps up the school learning.

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