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Students were requested to answer a question at education and to tell what is most important for them to succeed. One which response stood out from the rest was practice. Successful persons are certainly not born successful; they become successful thru hard work and persistence. This is how you can accomplish your goals. in this article, some question and answer examples that you will possibly use to improve your knowledge and gain insight that will help you to preserve your school studies.


Question 7 of 10What is an example of verbal irony?
A. Angry as a rabid dog
B. Clear as mud
C. Easy as pie
D. Skinnyas a toothpick


The verbal irony is clear as mud because clear is mud is used here as the person wants to say clear but as a mud which refers to dirt or unclean.

What is Verbal Irony?

When someone says something but means the opposite. When the word is used for the opposite meaning intentionally. It can take a variety of forms and is used to add humor to a situation, anticipate future events, or create a sense of foreboding.

Thus, the correct option is B that is clear as mud.

For further detail about verbal irony refer to this link:

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