How did martyrs help spread Christianity?

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How did martyrs help spread Christianity? They proved Christians could stand up to Roman power.
They showed the strength of Christian beliefs.
They explained how the Christian God was like Roman gods.
They demonstrated that the Christian God protected believers.



They proved Christians could stand up to Roman power.


In the western world of Christian tradition, the word has historically religious connotations, since it has been considered that a martyr was a person who died for his religious faith and, in many cases, was tortured to death.

The Christian martyrs of the first three centuries after Christ were killed for their religious convictions (sometimes crucified as Christ) in the same way as Roman political prisoners or thrown to the lions in a circus show. However, some historians of the Church, such as John Fletcher and Alfonso Ropero, affirm that there have been more Christian martyrs in the 20th century than in the whole of the previous nineteen centuries.

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Currently, the Catholic Church initiates the process of beatification, to then give way to canonization, when a faithful Catholic who enjoys a reputation for martyrdom because, following Jesus Christ more closely, sacrificed his life in the act of martyrdom. The reputation of martyrdom is the widespread opinion among the faithful about the death suffered by the servant of God either by faith or by a virtue related to faith.

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