Malcolm is filling bags with rice. He starts with a 5 1/4 pound container of rice and fills each

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Malcolm is filling bags with rice. He starts with a 5 1/4 pound container of rice and fills eachbag with 5/8 pound of rice. How many bags of rice can Malcolm fill?
To determine the number of bags Malcolm can fill.
Please help me


Malcom can fill 8 bags of rice

In order to determine the number of bags of rice Malcom can fill, use this formula :

Number of bags = total pounds of the container ÷ pound of each bag

= ÷

= ×

Convert to an improper fraction

How to convert a mixed number to an improper fraction

1. Multiply the whole number by the denominator

2. Add the numerator to the answer gotten in the previous step

3. divide the number gotten in the previous step by the denominator

× =

Convert the answer to a mixed number = bags

This would be 8 bags to the nearest whole number

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