What does a Guatemalan woman’s huipil tell about her?

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What does a Guatemalan woman’s huipil tell about her?
it indicates her social position and hometown.
It reveals her husband’s identity.
It tells how many children she has.
nothing at all


Guatemalan woman’s huipil tells about:

  • it indicates her social position and hometown.


It is an embroidered dress adorned with geometric, flora, animal or human figures, which is usually made in brocade and has its origins in the Spanish conquest, when the religious saw the bare chest of native women badly.

The huipil, through her figures, represents many things about the woman who wears it, it can indicate if she is married (embroidery of open flowers) or if she is a virgin woman (embroidery of closed flowers).

In addition, depending on the town to which the woman belonged, different figures could indicate her social status and the tribe to which she belongs, however, due to little use today, many of these symbolisms have disappeared in history.

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Some ethnic groups in Guatemala such as the Kaqchikel, Q’eqchi’, K’iche’ still retain their typical clothing and display their traditions.

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