Which statement about political action committees (PACs) is true?

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Which statement about political action committees (PACs) is true?A. Interest groups can establish regular or nonconnected PACs.
B. PACs associated with interest groups cannot collect contributions
from members.
C. PACs are frequently run by the candidates they support.
D. PACs cannot donate directly to candidates for office.


The statement that can be be considered as a true statement as regards political action committees is A:Interest groups can establish regular or nonconnected PACs.

  • political action committees  can be regarded as an organization which is about 527 in number which is responsible for the pooling of campaign contributions from members then give out that money so they can fund campaigns.
  • It can be a campaigns for or against candidates as well as  ballot initiatives or legislation
  • This organization are all over in United States of America and are always stand to finance campaigns

Therefore, option A is correct.

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