Which story premise most clearly contains a supernatural element?

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Which story premise most clearly contains a supernatural element?A. Everything the fortune cookie predicted would happen to Kyle
came true.
B. Every intersection Laticia comes to on her way to the office is a
green light
C. Franklin High and Paine High compete to create the scariest
haunted house.
D. Prince Hayes offends the duke. The duke challenges the prince to
a duel



A. Everything the fortune cookie predicted would happen to Kyle came true.


C and D. There is no supernatural element to the story

For C they compete to create a haunted house but there’s no paranormal activity (I.e ghosts) which would suggest there’s anything supernatural.

For B the traffic lights could have been green due to probability/chance. It also doesn’t state how many intersections there were.

For A, there is some mysterious/supernatural element in the fact that a cookie was able to provide Kyle’s destiny/future.

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