Which diagram most accurately explains changes in media over time?

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Which diagram most accurately explains changes in media over time?led to
O A.
The popularity
of the web
Reduced fears of
led to
The widespread
adoption of
An increase in
letters to the
led to
Ос. І
The development
of radio
Problems reaching
audiences with
unique interests
led to
O D.
The availability of
social media
A change in who
participated in the


The media continues to evolve and become stronger in daily use by the masses. The rise of TV, the internet, and other applications have led to the increase in web o interaction and a reduction in the print media.

  • It is due to the transformation in the way we make a living and the different and changing lifestyles that pint media is decreasing and popularity of web and devices are increasing. 
  • This is leading to the decline in misinformation and helping the spread of awareness. Hence the option D is correct.
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