Match the careers with the educational requirements.

Students were requested to answer a question at school and to assert what is most important for them to succeed. Of many comments, one that that stood out was practice. Successful persons were not born successful; they become successful from hard work and persistence. If you would like to fulfill your goals, keep this in mind! as follows are one of the answer and question example that you can make use of to practice and elevate your understanding and also give you insights that could just assist you to preserve your study in school.


Match the careers with the educational requirements.



A bachelor’s degree and licensure: nutritionist

A technical school and certification: cosmetologist

A high school diploma and on-the-job training: concierge

A Ph.D. in a related field: biomedical engineer


A nutritionist is a professional that advise people on eating habits so they can have a healthy life or improve their health. A nutritionist requires a bachelor’s degree to be able to work.

A cosmetologist provides treatments for the skin, hair and nails. To become a cosmetologist people require a training certificate or an associate degree.

A concierge is an employee that works at a hotel or building to receive and assist guests. To perform this job, people require a high school diploma and a training.

A biomedical engineer is a person that uses engineer principles to  medicine. To become a biomedical engineer people require a Ph.D.

They could potentially hopefully assist the student sort out the question by using the questions and answer examples. Then can certainly have some sharing in a group discussion and also study with the classmate about the topic, so another student also procure some enlightenment and still keeps up the school learning.

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