Describe the relationship between Aborigines and the Australian government.​

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Describe the relationship between Aborigines and the Australian government.​


The several indigenous peoples of the mainland of Australia and many of its islands like Fraser Island, Tasmania, Groote Eylandt, and the Tiwi Islands are known as the Aboriginal Australians.  

• At the time of British colonial period, the Aborigines were killed and many were persecuted with their land stolen. In the 1900s, the natives were a small minority on their own land.  

• The liberal activists in 1960s supported native causes and they were finally provided with the right to cast vote. The first aboriginals became part of the Australian government in the 1970s.  

• At present time, there are no formal frictions in between the Aborigines and the Australian government, though the group is regarded as minority who have lost the majority of their traditions, language and culture.  

• The Aborigines are also among the poorest ethnicities in Australia with restricted access to medical facilities and housing.  

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Thus, though some of the Aborigines being the part of the government, the Aborigines are still considered as minority.

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