A positive result of the war in Iraq was that

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A positive result of the war in Iraq was thatO it led to years of peace in the country.
O it ended the regime of a brutal leader.
O it led to immediate stability within Iraq.
O it smoothed tensions between factions.


The war in Iraq had a beneficial outcome in that; it brought Saddam Hussein’s terrible reign to an end with the intervention of the US military.

What is war?

A situation of armed conflict between or more countries or organizations within a country is called war.

By intervening in the war in Iraq, it must be said that the United States had some significant accomplishments in Iraq.

Saddam Hussein’s harsh rule ended in Iraq, something that the Iraqi people had not only been unable to do on their own but may not have been able to do afterward as well.

Therefore, Option B. is the correct answer that is war in Iraq had a positive impact as it ended the regime of a brutal leader.

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