Solve for x. 9(x + 1) = 25 + x

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Solve for x. 9(x + 1) = 25 + x



Given the equation: 9(x+1) = 25+x

Distributive property of multiplication over addition states that when a number is multiplied by the sum of two numbers, the first number can be distributed to both of those numbers and multiplied by each of them separately i,e,

Then, by using distributive property on LHS in the given equation we have;

9x+9 =25 +x

Subtract 9 from both the sides;



9x = 16+x

Subtract x from both the sides we get;



Divide both sides by 8 we have;

On Simplify:

x =2

Therefore, the value of x for the equation 9(x+1) = 25+x is, 2

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