Rewrite the following equation as a function of x 680x+10y-1000=0

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Rewrite the following equation as a function of x 680x+10y-1000=0


We want to rewrite the given expression as a function of x.

We will get: y = f(x) = 68*x + 100

Remember that a general function is something of the form:

y = f(x).

So what we need to do is just isolate y in one side of the given expression.

We start with:

680*x + 10*y – 1000 = 0

Now we need to isolate y:

680*x + 10*y = 1000

10*y = 680*x + 1000

y = (680*x)/10 + 1000/10

y = 68*x + 100

So we have:

y = f(x) = 68*x + 100

This is the function of x that we wanted.

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