IN DEFENSE OF CASH. PARTA: What is the central idea of the text?

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IN DEFENSE OF CASH. PARTA: What is the central idea of the text?O A Bringing back larger bills will cause more harm than good.
OB Online banking is a convenient and secure way to trade
OC Cashless societies are more vulnerable to disasters and to
OD The U.S. will be the first country to become a completely
cashless society,


We can see that the main idea of ​​the article is to show that manipulating and modifying larger bills can cause major economic problems in a region, causing more harm than good.

Therefore, we can consider option A to be the correct answer.

In “In defense of Cash” we can see that a decision taken by the Indian prime minister in 2016 to demonetize part of the national currency, with the aim of capturing criminals, created a major economic problem in the country.

This decision proposed the demonetization of the 500 rupees bills, which amounted to approximately 8 dollars.

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The prime minister gave a period of time so that people could exchange these bills, for the bills that were still in force, so that no one would lose money.

The idea was that criminals who had larger bills would have to declare the origin of that money and be arrested, as they would have to declare their crimes.

However the results of this decision were:

  • Currency devaluation.
  • Currency shortage.
  • Lack of payment to the working class.
  • Excess supply and lack of demand.
  • Decrease in consumer purchasing power.
  • Decrease in the production of products and services.
  • Closing of stores and factories.
  • Commercial disorganization.
  • Economic deficit.
  • High public debt.

With this, we can conclude that economic decisions must be taken with great care by the government. All elements and possible results must be considered before the decision is made, so that the possible benefits will be greater than the possible harms.

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