Where can you find your state-specific Lottery information to sell

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Where can you find your state-specific Lottery information to sellLottery tickets and redeem winning Lottery tickets?
(Select all that apply.)
1. Barcode and Quick Reference Guide
2. Lottery Terminal Handbook
3. Lottery vending machine
4. OneWalmart using Handheld/BYOD


The places where you can find state-specific information about lottery information to sell, lottery tickets, redeem winning and lottery tickets are the lottery terminal handbook, and lottery vending machine.

Lottery Terminal Handbook is a text containing information related to the lottery Terminal (Electronic Device). This text explains all the functions of the Lottery terminal, how to print the tickets, and how to redeem wining prizes.

On the other hand, a Lottery vending machine is a specialized machine for offering and selling lottery tickets. In these machines, the buyer enters money corresponding to the value of the lottery ticket, and the machine gives him scratchoff tickets or another type of ticket.

According to the above, the information related to lottery tickets can be found in a lottery terminal handbook and a lottery vending machine.

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