The function of the eardrum is to

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The function of the eardrum is to


The two immediate functions of the eardrum are auditory and protective.

The eardrum is the membrane of the middle year which vibrates in response to sound waves; also the tympanic membrane.

How can we protect(s) the eardrum from dirt?

The earwax is the part of the ear that protects the eardrums from dirt and infections. These are produced by glands in the skin linings of the ear canal responsible for protecting the ear. The ear is divided into three sections: Outer, middle, and inner ear.

Earwax is found in the outer ear section lining the ear canal protecting the passage to the eardrum.

Earwax when removed in excessive amounts may cause the ears to develop certain infections and might cause the infections of the other sections of the ears as well.

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