If R is the midpoint of QS , find QS (QR = 5x-3 and RS =21-x)

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If R is the midpoint of QS , find QS (QR = 5x-3 and RS =21-x)


The value of QS is 30

QR = 5x-3

QR = 5x-3RS =21-x

Since, R is the midpoint of QR and RS ;

THEN ; = QS = QR + RS

5x – 3 = 21 – x

Solve for x

Collect like terms

5x + x = 21 + 3

6x = 24

Divide both sides by 6

x = 24 / 6

x = 3

QS = 5x – 3 + 21 – x

QS = 4x + 18

Put x = 3 in the equation :

QS = 4(3) + 18

QS = 12 + 18 = 30

The value of QS = 30

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