Adverbs used to describe george’s actions of mice and men chapter 1

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Adverbs used to describe george’s actions of mice and men chapter 1


The adverbs used to describe george’s actions of mice and men chapter 1 is :

  • Significantly
  • Strongly
  • Peacefully
  • Heartbreakingly.


Mice and men is a novel that was distributed in 1937 by John Steinbeck.

In chapter 1 of mice and men, these qualifiers Essentially, Emphatically, Gently, Heartbreakingly where utilize to depict George’s activities since these qualifiers alters his activities.

Significantly implies to have a incredible impact or effect.

Strongly implies something that have colossal power.

Peacefully implies with any disturbance.

Heartbreakingly implies to cause incredible grief.

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