Figure PQRS is a parallelogram.

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Figure PQRS is a parallelogram.What are the measures of angles P and S?
∠P = 20°; ∠S = 160°
∠P = 40°; ∠S = 140°
∠P = 140°; ∠S = 40°
∠P = 160°; ∠S = 20°


Using the rule of angles in parallel lines, ∠Q and ∠R are supplementary to each other

∠Q+∠R = 180°

Size of ∠Q = 25+15 = 40°
Size of ∠R = 6(25) – 10 = 140°

∠Q also supplementary with ∠P, hence ∠P = 140°
∠P supplementary with ∠S, hence ∠S = 40°

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