Both Social Security and Medicare:

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Both Social Security and Medicare:O
A. Set safety standards for medicine and health care.
B. Gave older Americans money for general expenses.
C. Helped older Americans pay for health care.
D. Helped younger Americans in poverty pay for health care.


Both Social Security and Medicare helped older Americans pay for health care.

What is Social Security?

Social security is the safety net that a society offers to individuals and families to ensure that they have access to health care and to assure financial stability, particularly in circumstances of old age, unemployment, illness, invalidity, work injuries, maternity, or the death of a primary earner.

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a federal government programme that covers certain hospital and medical costs for elderly people who meet the program’s eligibility requirements in the United States. Medicare only pays for skilled nursing care and only a small portion of long-term care.

To learn more about Medicare here:


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