Which sentence is written in second-person point of view?

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Which sentence is written in second-person point of view?A. They discussed their next plan of action.
B. He crossed over the valley.
C. I have many rules, and here’s one.
D. Wherever you go, there you are.


Answer: The sentence that is written in second-person point of view is D. Wherever you go, there you are.

Explanation: The second-person point of view is the “you” perspective. Unlike the first person point of view, it is used to refer to a person that is not the speaker. Moreover, the second-person point of view can be easily identified due to the use of second-person pronouns, such as “you”, “your” and “yourself”. D) is the only one that includes the second-person pronoun “you”; therefore, this option is the one that represents the second-person point of view. In contrast, A) and B) are written in third-person point of view and C) in first-person point of view.

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