Name the following alkyne: CH3CH2C = CCH2CH2CH3

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Name the following alkyne:



Option B. 3–heptyne


To obtain the name of the compound given above, we must:

I. Determine the functional group of the compound.

II. Determine the longest continuous carbon chain. This gives the parent of the compound.

III. Locate the position of the functional group.

IV. Combine the above to obtain the name of the compound.

Now we shall name the compound as follow:

I. The compound has carbon to carbon triple bond (–C≡C–). Thus, the compound is an alkyne.

II. The longest continuous carbon chain is 7 i.e heptyne

III. The functional group i.e the triple bond (–C≡C–) is located at carbon 3

IV. The name of the compound is


Option B gives the correct answer to the question.

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