Which sentence best describes a character depiction?

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Which sentence best describes a character depiction? a.an artist paints the three little pigs as superheroes and the big bad wolf as a crazed archenemy.
b.a storywriter reveals the personal history of a character with a flashback to an important childhood event.
c.regina, a quiet and shy child, finds friendship when she rescues an abandoned puppy.
d.a narrator describes a character’s thoughts as a voice-over in a television show.?


An artist painting the three little pigs as superheroes and the big bad wolf as a crazed archenemy (A) is the best example of a character depiction.

The word depiction comes from the Latin word “painting or description” depictionem. It refers to a true representation of something. Even though the three little pigs in superhero costumes might not be the most realistic, it is the best example of character depiction.

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