Which sentence describes a characteristic of a poetry slam?

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Which sentence describes a characteristic of a poetry slam?A. The poetry is anthologized into a single volume.
B. The poetry emotionally criticizes something.
C. The poetry is performed rather than read.
D. The poetry refers directly to the 14th century.


The characteristic of a poetry slam is that it should not emphasize reading only but the way how it is performed.

What are the key characteristics of poetry slam?

A poetry slam is a performance-based poetry event where the evaluation and criticism are based on the performance of the artist. it focuses on the engagement of the artist with the audience.

The key features of any poetry slam are:

  • It should not be copied from any other artist’s work.
  • The poetry slam is thought of as an individual formed in poem.  
  • The way poem is performed plays a  significant role in comparison to its content.
  • It is a theme-based approach where the artist shares their emotions in the form of poems with their oral representation.
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