Which model represents the factors of 4×2-9?

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Which model represents the factors of 4×2-9?


The solution of the given expression is ( 2x – 3 )( 2x + 3 ).

What is a quadratic equation?

The polynomial having a degree of two or the maximum power of the variable in a polynomial will be 2 is defined as the quadratic equation and it will cut two intercepts on the graph at the x-axis.

The equation will be solved as follows:-

=   4x²   –   9  

=  ( 2x )²  –   ( 3 )²

=  ( 2x   –  3 ) (  2x  +  3 )

Therefore the solution of the given expression is ( 2x – 3 )( 2x + 3 ).

To know more about quadratic equations follow


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