Which phrase best completes the diagram?

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Which phrase best completes the diagram?



The correct answer is B. The Great Compromise created two houses on Congress, one representing states equally and the other representing states based on population.


The Great Compromise of 1787 was originated in the creation of the American legislative bodies. It merged the Virginia Plan, that favored population-based representation, and the New Jersey Plan, which listed each state as an equal.

It established a bicameral system: one chamber in favor of the Virginia Plan, based on the population of the States, and the other in accordance with the New Jersey Plan, by which all States voted in equality.

This was an important issue in the new United States. The small States, with a small population, wanted their voices to be heard in the Congress, as well as those of large states with a large population, such as Virginia or New York. With its plan, Virginia wanted to have greater representation because a large percentage of the American population was in that state. In this way they would have control over what happened in the United States.

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