Seaweed belongs to which of Earth’s spheres? atmosphere biosphere geosphere hydrosphere

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Seaweed belongs to which of Earth’s spheres? atmosphere biosphere geosphere hydrosphere


Given that seaweed is a plant and therefore is alive, we can infer that seaweed belongs to the Earth’s biosphere.

The Earth’s systems are grouped into spheres according to their contents. These groups are:

  • Lithosphere
  • LithosphereHydrosphere
  • LithosphereHydrosphereGeosphere
  • LithosphereHydrosphereGeosphereAtmosphere
  • Biosphere

The Atmosphere is the layer of the Earth that contains the air. The presence of this sphere is essential to life on earth as it is what allows us to breath oxygen and protects us from being bombarded with space debree.

The Lithosphere and hydrosphere are very much interconnected. The Lithosphere represents all of the land present on Earth. Meanwhile the hydrosphere as the name implies, represents the accumulation of water present on the Earth, including that which is not on the surface. Though these spheres include the oceans and continents, they do not include the life that inhabits them, only the water and land themselves.

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The definition for geosphere is often hotly debated. However, the most common definition is that geosphere is used to describe the combination of the hydro and lithospheres, and therefore, like the two mentioned, does not include life. For this reason, the plants mentioned being to the biosphere. This sphere Is what contains the life of all of the ecosystems on Earth.

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