What is one overarching topic found in Frankenstein?

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What is one overarching topic found in Frankenstein?A. Real heroism versus perceived heroism B. The dangers of ignorance C. The role of women in the scientific world D. The natural world versus the manipulations of science



D). The natural world versus the manipulations of science.


‘Frankenstein’ is described as the famous English novel by Mary Shelley offers the conflict between nature and science. The novel is also categorized as ‘science fiction’ reflecting the catastrophic consequences of scientific manipulations. The author interrogates the threats affiliated with scientific advancements and admiration to the lucidity of nature. Shelley emphasizes that relentless pursuit of science may affect nature adversely(portrayed through the monster). Thus, we may conclude that the central overarching topic found in ‘Frankenstein’ is the struggle between ‘The natural world versus the manipulations of science’. Therefore, option D is the correct answer.

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