How did the rotation get lost riddle

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How did the rotation get lost riddle


The rotation may get lost due to change in centrifugal force.

It is given that the two same masses are joined with cords T1 and T2 and length of T1 and T2 are equal.

It is required to explain how the rotation get lost.

What is centrifugal force?

It is defined as the force when object with mass rotates about a fixed axis with a string connected to it a force generated outward.

The object is moving in circular path and the force which is experienced by the object known as the centrifugal force.

When two identical masses are joined by the T1 and T2 cords with equal length, the masses are moving in circular path with w angular velocity.

The outer ball experiencing inward tension force T1 and the other ball experiencing outward tension force T2.

The radial force will be;

  where r is the circular path radius and m is the mass of balls and          

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                  w is the angular velocity.

The tension forces is balancing with the angular force since the radius is  remain same but when the centrifugal force will change the rotation get lost.

Thus, the rotation may get lost due to change in centrifugal force.

Learn more about the centrifugal force here:

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