Which formula equation shows a reversible reaction?

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Which formula equation shows a reversible reaction? a. 2Na+F2–> 2NaF
b. CaCO3–> CaO+CO2
c. NH4CI(s)—–NH3(
g. 2H2O2(aq)–pt—> 2H2O(I)+O2(


The formula equation that  shows   a  reversible  reaction  is

NH4Cl (s) ⇔ NH3 (g)  + HCl (g) ( answer  C)



  • Reversible  reaction  is  a chemical reaction    where the reactants form products , where in turn react together to form reactant   back.
  • The  reaction of  NH4Cl (s)⇔ NH3(g)  + HCl (g)  is a reversible reaction  since   NH4Cl  decompose to form NH3  and HCl which in  turn react together to form NH4Cl back .

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