Paraphrase this passage to explain what a hero stands for.

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Paraphrase this passage to explain what a hero stands for.There have been a great many different kinds of heroes, for in every age and among every people the hero has stood for the qualities that were most admired and sought after by the bravest and best.
–Heroes Every Child Should Know,
Hamilton Wright Mabie


“Heroes Every Child Should Know” is a book written by American author Hamilton Wright Mabie and it was published in 1908. A New Yorker by birth, this author was born in 1845 and died in 1916, after having produced several stories and books and having had a prolific life as an editor. “Heroes Every Child Should Know” is, in essence, an anthology where Wright Mabie gathers the different stories of heroes from ancient times and also from mythologies and stories of folklore that the author believes children should learn about as examples of what people should be like and as guidelines.  In this particular passage the author, thus expresses, paraphrasing him: Heroes have been a common belief of people in different times and different ages because they represent the embodiment of all that is good, strong and desirable in a human being. Although there have been different types of heroes throughout history, one thing is true; most people have believed, and even revered, them.

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