Which logarithmic equation is equivalent to 3^2 = 9?

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Which logarithmic equation is equivalent to 3^2 = 9?A – 2 = log (small 3) 9
B – 2 = log (small 9) 3
C – 3 = log (small 2) 9
D – 3 = log (small 9) 2


Logarithms tell the exponent or power a number must be raised.

The equation 3² = 9 can be written as log₃9=2.

What is Logarithm?

A log function is a way to find how much a number must be raised in order to get the desired number.

can be written as

where a is the base to which the power is to be raised,

b is the desired number that we want when power is to be raised,

c is the power that must be raised to a to get b.

Given to us

3^2 = 9

As we know about the logarithm, therefore, we can write the given equation as,

Hence, the equation 3² = 9 can be written as log₃9=2.

Learn more about Logarithm:

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