Which example most clearly describes part of a rhetorical situation?

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Which example most clearly describes part of a rhetorical situation?A. Constant logical fallacies that undermine a politician’s points
B. The president’s use of words like liar to smear his opponent
C. The rhetorical appeals a speaker ‘makes to show his authority
D. A speaker’s objective of making astrophysics easy to grasp


The Term rhetorical situation refers to the circumstances that includes one person for any kind of communication and to modify the prospective of another person .

The suitable and correct answer will D from the given phrase and that is A speaker’s objective of making astrophysics easy to grasp.

What is astrophysics :

The term astrophysics refers to the study of astronomical objectives with the help of science that employ the methods of physics and chemistry , or means how planets were work in universe.

The Astronomy is the study which provide the information from the atmosphere of earth whereas , astrophysics provide the information about the what all happening in the universe.

For more information on astrophysics  , please refer the link :

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