Which function has a horizontal asymptote of y = 3?

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Which function has a horizontal asymptote of y = 3? f(x) = 3(2^x)
f(x) = 2(4)^x–3
f(x) = 2(3^x)
f(x) = 2(4^x) + 3


All of the four functions are exponential functions of the form:


  • P changes the parent function’s, , slope (more steep or less steep)
  • Q shifts the parent function, , upwards if Q is positive and downwards if Q is negative.

The parent function looks like the first image attached. Note that the x-axis (y=0) is the horizontal asymptote.

Since question asked for a function with horizontal asymptote of y=3, we can shift the function 3 units above by changing Q to +3. The fourth option has an equation of an exponential that has Q value of +3. This is the correct choice.


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