Which statement about epics is most accurate?

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Which statement about epics is most accurate?A. epics have main characters that are flawed or outsiders
B. epics use a large number of main characters
C. epics focus on the battles of an incredibly strong hero
D. epics have settings that are localized to smaller area


The correct answer is C. Epics focus on the battles of an incredibly strong hero


The Epic along with Elegy and other forms of literature emerged during the Ancient Greece Civilization, in the case of the epics this was a long and narrative poem that focuses mainly on the life of a hero or heroine and his/her actions as he or she fought and defeated strong opposing forces such as strong warriors, gods or supernatural creatures, which was closely related to the mythology and believes of Greeks. Because of this, most classical elegies focus on one specific hero his adventures and the battles that are part of this life. An example of this is The Odyssey that tells the battles and adventures of Odysseus. Considering this, the statement about epics that is most accurate is “Epics focus on the battles of an incredibly strong hero”.

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