Which statement concerning symbols used on plans is true?

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Which statement concerning symbols used on plans is true?O Only carpenters use symbols.
O The same symbols are used thoroughout the world.
The symbols are to be noted on the title sheet or other introductory sheet of the plans.
O Symbols are never replaced by keynotes.


In technical drawings, symbols were used to express the specific geometry and other characteristics of items of hardware. It utilizes standardized terminology to reduce mistakes caused by human interpretations, and the further discussion can be defined as follows:

  • Abbreviations and symbols are used in engineering drawings to convey and detail the aspects of a drawing.
  • The phrase title sheet refers to a document that includes, but is not limited to, project limitations, a site map, and an explanation of plat symbols or acronyms.
  • All symbols in use on plans must be mentioned just on the title sheet or equivalent opening sheet of the declaration of the plan.

Therefore, the answer is “Third Choice”.

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