2. Use the following figure to answer the questions.

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2. Use the following figure to answer the questions.Anthony claims that Triangle KLM is an isosceles triangle.
(a) Find the slopes of the two lines.
LK = -7,8
LM = -7,1
(b) Find the length of the two sides.
LK =
LM =
Based on your findings, is Anthony correct? Justify your answer.



—- Slope of LK

—- Slope of LM

—- Length of LK

— Length of LM

Anthony is incorrect

Step-by-step explanation:

See attachment for complete question.

From the attachment, we have:

Solving (a): Slope of LK

Slope (m) is calculated as thus:


—– K

—— L

Slope of LM

—- L

—— M

Solving (b): Length of LK and LM

Here, we have to calculate the length using distance formula;

Distance (D) is calculated as thus:

For LK

For LM

The above findings is not enough to conclude if Anthony is correct or incorrect.

We need to calculate the distance of KM using the same formula;

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D is calculated as thus:

Base on this, we can conclude that Anthony’s claim is incorrect.

The triangle is not an isosceles triangle because no two sides are equal

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