The creation of the british raj changed indian society by:

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The creation of the british raj changed indian society by:a. Establishing christianity as the dominant religion throughout india.
B.forcing muslim indians to follow laws passed by hindu religious leaders.
C.guaranteeing equal treatment under the law for men and women
D. Inspiring nationalistic feelings among indians who opposed british rule


The Indian society was completely changed by the creation of British Raj, it inspired nationalistic feelings among Indians who opposed the British rule altogether.

What is Indian society?

Indian society remains rich in culture, diversity, and is very pluralistic in nature as well. Indian society is also characterized by a multitude of ethnic, linguistic, religious as well as caste divisions.

During the British Raj, the Indians wanted to overthrow the rule by setting aside all of these differences, and uniting for the same cause.  

What was British Raj?

British Raj consisted of British people who colonized the whole Indian subcontinent from the year 1858, till the Independence of India and Pakistan in 1947.

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What are nationalistic feelings?

Nationalistic feelings are the feelings of patriotism, where a person remains dedicated to bring justice for his country. It is a feeling of love and respect towards one country, and going to huge lengths to prove the same.

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