Who are the “men of goodwill” that Gladden describes?

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Who are the “men of goodwill” that Gladden describes?


Question: Who are the “men of goodwill” that Gladden describes?

Answer: The “Men of Goodwill” that Gladden describes are the Reformers.

Explanation: Washington Gladden was a well-known leader and had a firm belief in the social gospel. He formulated the idea of a movement in North America which was called Social Gospel. It began in the second half of the 19th century and he was also an important member of the Progressive Movement. He urged his followers, which were known with the name of reformers, to put pressure on the political leaders to follow the will of the common people and attend their needs, instead of focusing on the desires of Industrialists. He was also passionate for equality, so much that he and his followers also raised voice for the equality of the African- Americans.  

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