What is most clearly one theme of “Exhalation”?

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What is most clearly one theme of “Exhalation”?A. Scientific progress must not exceed the boundaries of society’s
B. Life on other planets must be studied in order to appreciate life on
C. Beauty is found more in the theoretical elements of life than in the
D. Acceptance of death is the first step to truly valuing life.


The science fiction story Exhalation is given with the theme that the death must be accepted in order to value the life.

What is Exhalation?

The Exhalation is the short story written by Ted Chiang. The story is the science fiction and is revolved around the science of second law of thermodynamics.

The science fiction story is contributing to the development of the artificial intelligence with robots and time travel.

The theme of the story with the evidence from the science is that there must be the acceptance of the death by the individual that helps in valuing the life. Thus, option D is correct.

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