Which hygiene claim is supported by research?

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Which hygiene claim is supported by research?A. Regular professional teeth cleaning improves dental health.
B. Brushing with a fluoride toothpaste helps prevent cavities.
C. There are no benefits to handwashing.
D. Antibacterial soap prevents disease better than regular hand soap.



The best answer to the question: Which hygiene claim is supported by research? Would be: B: Brushing with a fluoride toothpaste helps prevent cavities.


We can first start this by saying, that right off the bat, we can totally rule out options C and D as a correct answer. Research, in fact, has shown, first that antibacterial soap does not have a higher impact on overall disease acquisition than regular soap, and rather, it does affect health because antibacterial soaps kill even normal bacterial groups on human skin that are necessary for skin balance. Also, handwashing was been shown to be beneficial in reducing the incidence of infection. On options A and B, although professional teeth cleaning does help in overall mouth welfare, it is not paramount, or vital, and therefore does not have to be regular if a person carries out his/her personal hygiene in the proper manner. However, what research HAS shown is that even if a person does a full care process of his/her teeth (brushing, flossing, etc,) if that person does not use fluoride in toothpaste, he/she will be prone to dental cavities as it has been shown that fluoride does impact the ability of bacteria to cause cavities. This is why the answer is B.

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