Which step is not part of a normal convection cycle?

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Which step is not part of a normal convection cycle?


The complete question is:

A. A high-pressure system forms due to unequal heating.

B. The warmed air rises away from the surface.

C. Air flows from a high-pressure area to a low-pressure area.

D. Cooled air rises, creating a high-pressure system below.

B. Warmed air rises from the surface and is not part of a normal convection cycle.

Convection cycle

Convection exists in the rising motion of warmer regions of a liquid or gas, and the sinking motion of cooler provinces of liquid or gas, sometimes forming a complete cycle. However, it exists often difficult to see, specifically within the air.

It can be stated that the convection cycle responsible for the dynamics of the lithospheric plates happens not only in the nucleus but even in the mantle and exists transferred as a result of transfers determined on the Earth’s surface.

In this sense, when the presence of a hot fluid happens, the substances swell, which results in a decrease in density, and then, this increases, since it exists less dense than the medium where it is inserted. Therefore, convection currents result from the heat flow that generates the hotter material, therefore less dense, to be moved to the surface.

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In summary, The normal convection cycle happens when a hot fluid expands, it decreases density and rises because it is less dense than the surrounding environment. Convection currents exist as the result of the heat flow that makes the hotter material less dense and ascends the surface. This phenomenon happens in the nucleus and the mantle, and as a result, it transfers particular heat from the interior to the Earth’s surface.

Hence, B. Warmed air rises from the surface and is not part of a normal convection cycle.

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