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The new schools question and answer enquired students to tell what they presume is the most important important thing for a student to do in order to become success. Of many comments, one which that stood out was practice. People who usually are successful do not become successful by being born. They work hard and perseverance their lives to succeeding. This is how you can obtain your goals. down below are one of the answer and question example that you could simply make use of to practice and further enhance your practical knowledge and also give you insights that can assist you to maintain your study in school.


2 PointsWhich statement about counties is most accurate?OA. Most counties are governed by an elected board or council.OB. Counties handle specific responsibilities across the country.OC. Counties are created by the state to provide services like waterand power.OD. Counties rely on the state to manage jails, libraries, roads,infrastructure, and courts.​


The statement about counties that is most accurate is: A. Most counties are governed by an elected board or council.

Counties are regions of a country that are carved out for political, administrative, cultural, and geographic purposes.

The various systems of governance that are available in counties are the council-elected executive system, the commission system, and the council-administrator system.

Most counties have administrators that are elected to various capacities to oversee the region. Suffolk County is an example.

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