Which graph shows a dilation?

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Which graph shows a dilation?


The graph that shows a dilation among the given graphs is; Graph 1.

  • Dilation in graphs simply means each side is multiplied by the same

scale factor. What this means is that the ratio of each dilated side to their

respective old sides before dilation must be the same scale factor.

       First Graph; We can see it is a rectangle and the pre-dilated image has

2 units along the y – axis and 4 units across the x-axis. After dilation, it now

has 4 units along the y – axis and 8 units across the x-axis. This means the

scale factor in both axis are; 4/2 = 2 and 8/4 = 2. They are both the same

scale factors and as such this graph shows a dilation.

     For the second, third and fourth graphs, the scale factors after dilation

are not equal for both axis and as such they do not represent dilation.

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