(14) A food worker is frying donuts in a deep fryer.

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(14) A food worker is frying donuts in a deep fryer.What is the food worker required to wear to keep food safe?
A. A rubber apron
B. A hair restraint
C. A pair of safety goggles
D. A pair of heat resistant gloves



The correct answer is option (B) A hair restraint.


The food worker should use the proper equipment for the safety of food. The presence of hair in the food is a common problem. The food worker should wear a hair restraint. The hair restraint is the small net like equipment that is used to tie the hair and prevent the contamination of food with it and other dirty things.

Further explanation:

  • Nobody wants hair in their food, to avoid it the food workers wear hair covering, nets, body covering and beard restraints.
  • While preparing the food, individual should make sure that he uses proper and cleaned utensils. The single use article must be unwrapped only once.  
  • All the head hair must be covered with a hair restraint. The facial hair should be covered with beard net. The worker should never leave the bangs or the other parts of the hair hanging outside the hair restraint.
  • Safety goggles are used by the workers for their own safety while preparing the food.  
  • Rubber aprons, heat resistant gloves are used while preparing food to prevent themselves from the heat.
  • The food should be covered properly and hands must be covered with gloves while serving the food to the customer.
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Food, hair restraint, goggles, hair, equipment, contamination, aprons and utensils.

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