Which factor causes a decrease in the rate of dissolution?

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Which factor causes a decrease in the rate of dissolution?decreasing the amount of solute
increasing the stirring of the solution
decreasing the surface area of the solute
increasing the temperature of the solvent


There are different factors that influences chemical equations.  The factor that causes a decrease in the rate of dissolution is decreasing the surface area of the solute.

  • Dissolution rate is simply known as the transfer rate of some specific drug molecules from the solid particles which is usually crystalline in nature into solution as self free drug molecules. The rate of Dissolution can be determined by the forces of the crystal.

Surface area is known to affect the rate of dissolution.  Note that When the total surface area of the solute particles is increased, the solute will then dissolves more quickly than ever.

The breaking of a solute into smaller pieces in turn do increases its surface area and increases its rate of solution and the act of stirring, do allows the solute to dissolve faster.

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