Which scatterplot has a correlation coefficient closest to r = 1?

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Which scatterplot has a correlation coefficient closest to r = 1?



The scatter diagram that contains the correlation coefficient closest to r = 1 is the first one shown in the attached images.

Step-by-step explanation:

The correlation coefficient “r” measures how much two variables x and y are related. When the variables are highly related, the value of r is closer to one and the points contained in the scatter diagrams are assimilated more and more to a line. When the value of r is positive the relation is crescent and therefore the slope of the line drawn by the points in the diagram has a positive slope

Therefore, to answer this question, one must search among the attached images for the dispersion diagram in which the points resemble a straight line with a positive slope.

The scatter diagram that meets the requirements mentioned is the first one that appears in the attached images

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