Social isolation peaks in _____ and late adulthood.

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Social isolation peaks in _____ and late adulthood.


Given what we know about social isolation, we can confirm that is peaks in early and late adulthood.

Social isolation is commonly described as the lack of social connections with other humans. It often results in increased feelings of loneliness for the individual in question. Social isolation can result in both mental and physical consequences, the most notable being depression and loss of appetite.

Studies have shown that social isolation peaks during early adulthood. Early adulthood is a time of change for most individuals. It is an age of re discovery, when one usually finishes high school and tends to drift apart from the social connections they are accustomed to, and can often struggle to forge new connections.

Likewise, social isolation is common during late adulthood, when an individual nears the biological end of their lifespan. For these reasons we can confirm that social isolation is said to peak during early and late adulthood.

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