Which equation agrees with the ideal gas law?

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Which equation agrees with the ideal gas law?Choices:
P1/P2=T2/T1I got impatient and guessed, but got it right. Answer is the first one.


Answer: first option V₁/T₁ = V₂/T₂


1) The ideal gas equation is PV = nRT.

2) R is the Universal Constant of gases, so … it is constant.

3) When the amount of gas is the same (n is constant) and the pressure does not change (P is constant), the equation becomes:

V / T = nR/P = constant.

That means that V₁ / T₁ = V₂ / T₂ = V₃ / T₃ ….

So, the option 1 has been proved.

Note that that is Charles’ law.

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